Moving on to Cellulose Fibers

project_8OK! Finally done with Protein Fibers. The last was silk. Silk is considered a protein even though it isn’t shorn or plucked from an animal. My big take-away was the two different types of silk – from silk worms that eat only mulberry leaves (bombyx silk) and those who eat all kinds of leaves (tussah silk). Obviously, bombyx is finer and fancier. Bottom line: silk is great when mixed with other fibers.

Onward! Cellulose is today’s reading (actually yesterday – but I digress). These are cotton (mainly discussed) plus linen and hemp. My big take-away: I now know why I’ve always loved mercerized cotton the best – shiny, receptive to dyes, and less likely to stretch out of shape.

I’ve decided in this journey that I should make at least one project from each book. Right now I’m leaning to Princess Mitts from the 4-ply project #8. Let’s see if I change my mind as I read on….

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