Hooked on Crochet



Hook on Crochet_cvr

Hooked on Crochet – cover

Getting myself to publish a blog on Fridays seems to be a doable goal! Here’s the second one on a Friday. Two in a row! I’m on a roll!

So today I’ll diverge from knitting into the world of crochet. Candi Jensen’s 2004 book from Storey Publishing is one of her best books.

Hook on Crochet_bk_cvr

Hooked on Crochet – back cover

So what did I like and of course, what did I dislike. Overall I’d give this 144-page book a fairly good rating. I’m actually trying to decide whether I’ll keep it on my shelf.


Hooks and equivalent sizes

Good information! Having a metric and US sizing for hooks is very helpful.


Stitch illustrations

The stitch illustrations are really good. I especially like the darkened sections showing where to insert the hook.


Diagrams and Tip Boxes

The diagrams and tip boxes are well done. Don’t know how much was Candi’s doing or if Storey’s designers and editors excel here.


Alternative stripe colors

The tip box with alternative stripe colors for the easy scarf are A +!


Making a basic Granny Square

If I keep this book, this is one page I’d refer to often. I never remember how to start a granny square and these instructions are easy to follow!


Yarn Colors

The book includes some terrific graphics. Well done Storey Publishing!


Candy Stripe Baby Sweater

I’m not a fan of some of the designs. This one fits the baby, but looks almost too small.


Crocheted bikini!

I can barely even discuss this project. Considering the reader – really!


Posh Frock Dress

Again – REALLY!


Home Crochet

This project has possibilities and gives one creative ideas for decorating on purchased items.

Actually now for the moment of truth. I looked at the sales of used books for this volume on Amazon and realized that there are many for sale at very low prices. I’m probably better off keeping this one – at least for the present.