Moving on the Making Yarn

make_yarnI’ve finally finished all the fibers, ending with cellulosic (not to be confused with cellulose made from plants) that are plant-based such as rayon but extruded. This is complex – you’ll have to read the book! The last section was on synthetic fibers – something I’m really familiar with having worked for several yarn companies who specialize in yarns from synthetics. Basic take-away on these sections is that both cellulosic and synthetic fibers were created to replicate natural fibers such as wool.

So, moving along – I can see this year of reading is going to go pretty slowly if I don’t accelerate!

Making yarn starts talking about small spinners that make yarn – sometimes for themselves and sometimes for other small yarn companies. I must admit that most of my experience is with huge companies that create tons of yarn a year rather than a limited number of pounds/kilos.

Clara added an informative page with fiber festivals throughout the US by month. I didn’t know there is one in CT in April. Will add it to my list of must-dos this year.

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