June 2014 – 6 months PLUS Knits for Older Kids


Half of 2014 has gone by and I’ve only gotten through a few books. Sadly to say -VERY few! This is the sum total of my 2014 knitting book reading. Oh, I just realized my Tweed book is there. Mistake! There are even fewer….

 photo 2

Here are more of the masses left. There are more hiding in various places, but you get the idea. I’ve really got to somehow find another plan with this book reading. I’m going to ponder this and will let you know my plan in next week’s post. By the way, I’ve already given up on making one project from each book.

This week’s book –

photo 1

As I scanned The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Knits for Older Kids, I thought that this one surely had no reason to be on my bookshelf. Then I started turning the pages. The book is very thoughtfully put together. The Basics section in the front of the book is perfect for a beginner or newer knitter. There are very good illustrations and techniques that you’d need for projects in the book.

photo 2-2

The unisex styling of the sweaters and nice intro stories about why the designers created each design is a nice touch. By the way, this book is part of a series of books written by Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs who owned a yarn store in NYC called the Yarn Company.

Other than easy sweaters, there is a section with hats and scarves and a knit throw.

I love the striped sweaters below as it’s the perfect design to use up part balls of yarn and it’s a nice simple sweater for a boy or girl.

photo 3

Another sweater that was on top of my “keeper” list is the hoodie cardigan. I’d make this one for one of the kids of my nieces. It’s a practical, wearable sweater.

photo 4

I’ll give this one a thumbs up and add it to my meager pile!




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