Knit Lit

Knit Lit edited by Linda Roghaar & Molly Wolf

Knit Lit edited by Linda Roghaar & Molly Wolf

I haven’t been hiding, I’ve been engrossed in this little paperback book called Knit Lit, Sweaters and Their Stories …And Other Writing About Knitting. I’ve had this book for a long time – it was published in 2002. It’s a subtle little book and was easy to overlook. This is a compact book with no pictures or illustrations – just stories!

I loved this book and glad that I read it. The back cover says: Touching tales, hilarious stories, moving recollections, memories of companions.  Yes, all these are covered.

The book is cleverly broken down into 4 parts with various headings in each part. The editing was really good. The writers were a mix of those who are well known in the knitting world and brilliant people who should be more known.

What did I love? I loved the knitting disaster section – burned knitting and road kill knitting. You have to read these to appreciate the writing.

I could have cried over the story call The Baby Blanket about a young woman having a baby that she gave up for adoption and many years later meets her son.

“The Peaceable Fleece in Foreign Parts” has 6 stories of knitting with a global slant.

The back has a wonderful section of all the contributors and their “creds”. I found that it was most interesting to read the story and then read about the writer made my reading experience more interesting.

I’m not giving this a thumbs down, but having read the book it’s not going back on my shelf. Bye-bye Knit Lit!

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