Amigurumi World


Amigurimi World

Amigurimi World

Inside this book I found an email that I had written in 2009 about the book with the sub-title “Seriously Cute Crochet”. In the email (written when I worked for Red Heart), I suggested doing a feature in our newsletter on the book. I said that it was full of “so-cute” projects. Now 6 years later, I’m less inspired by the book. It is still “cute”, but would I make any projects – doubtful.

Simply because I’m not going to use the book, I’m giving it a Thumbs-down.

Amigurumi World - Back Cover

Amigurumi World – Back Cover

The projects are really well-thought out and designed, but I wondered about the $18.95 cover price. You can now get it on Amazon in a Kindle version or a used copy for far less.

Crochet Guidelines

Crochet Guidelines

The General Guidelines in this compact book are seriously clear and well-done and would be perfect even for a novice crocheter.

Abbreviation and Glossary

Abbreviation and Glossary

The nice page of abbreviations features a project that I thought to be the “cutest” in the book – Eggzactly!

Fruity Project

Fruity Project

Just one of the projects with easy-to-see photos. When necessary the author has also included back views, especially where animals have tails not obvious in front views.

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