Nicky Epstein – The Knit Hat Book


The Knit Hat Book cover

The Knit Hat Book cover

While I’m on a blogging roll, I thought I’d go for a small book (only 90 pages long) to end the week – almost end the year!

Nicky Epstein’s The Knit Hat Book was published in 1997. It was probably one of the early knitting books that I owned back in the day when I bought every knitting book published.

The Knit Hat Book - back cover

The Knit Hat Book – back cover

Should I give it a thumbs up or down? It’s a cute little gem that isn’t taking up tons of space on my book shelf, but is most likely not one that I’ll use in the future. The other tricky little thing is that Nicky autographed it to me and that makes it hard to let go of this book.


What to do, what to do? I’m being ruthless – so – thumbs down!

The book has 25 hats from basic shapes. Some of the styles are a bit dated, but feature Nicky’s clever appliqués and whimsical details.

Pillbox hats

Pillbox hats

Black Cat Pillbox Hats

Black Cat Pillbox Hats

She does berets, pillbox styles, simple cabled pull-on caps all in pretty basic yarns.

Roman Cable Hat

Roman Cable Hat

Bottom line: If you want to try different hats styles, this book is ideal. It’s out of print, but can be found on Amazon and probably eBay.

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