Glamour Knits at Home – Erika Knight

Glamour Knits at Home

Glamour Knits at Home

I’m going to end the year with an easy book – Glamour Knits at Home by Erika Knight. The sub-title is 15 Sensuous Designs to Knit and Keep Forever and it was published in the US by Potter Craft in 2007. It was first published in the UK, but doesn’t seem to translate well for an American taste level. Looks like it’s out-of-print, but available on Amazon.

You might guess right away that it’s a thumbs down. I mean REALLY – 15 patterns in the whole book! There is only one pattern I even like (more on that later). They seem to be styled for a Victorian boudoir and a dowdy boudoir at that. Even though I’m a fan of antiques, these designs leave me flat. I’m happily removing this from my shelf.

Glamour Knits at Home - back cover

Glamour Knits at Home – back cover

As in the most recent post of another Erika Knight book, there is a color photography section in the front of the book (first 40 pages) and then gray photos and patterns in the back pages.



Here are a couple of the patterns and styling featured.

tea cozy

tea cozy

The one spr

sachets - scented squares

sachets – scented squares

Below is the one spread that I do like as well as the patterns. The use of buttons is quite unique and a good idea for someone who has as large a button collection as I have.

button and lace pillows

button and lace pillows

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